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Movie Title : Beaufort
Release Date : Jan 18, 2008 Wide
Genre Movie :Action & Adventure,Drama
Mpaa Rating : Unrated

Actors :Oshri Cohen,Itay Tiran,Eli Eltonyo,Itay Turgeman,Ohad Knoller,Alon Aboutboul,Nevo Kimchi,Arthur Faradjev,Gal Friedman,Danny Zahavi,Itai Szor,Daniel Bruk

The title of Joseph Cedar's war drama Beaufort refers to the name of a fortress held by Israeli troops, during that country's contentious occupation of Lebanon from 1982-2000 -- an effort that Israel roundly lost. The film itself opens at the tail end of that occupation. It follows Liraz Liberti, the then-22-year-old leader of troops occupying Beaufort, as he and his subordinates come face to face with the necessity of withdrawal. As enemy fire bombards the fortress, Liraz recognizes that it will be necessary to evacuate, obliterating the structure that his men have spent two decades defending. Oshri Cohen, Itay Tiran, Eli Eltonyo, and Ohad Knoller co-star. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi
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The soldiers feel stuck and so do we.
Wesley Morris-Boston Globe

Clearly something has gone MIA in moving from the small pictures into a cohesive big one.
Kamal Al-Solaylee-Globe and Mail

As long as soldiers have gone into battle they have struggled with the rightness of their actions and their purpose in the field -- no matter how firm their resolve at the outset.
Linda Barnard-Toronto Star

[A] blistering antiwar film.
Andrea Gronvall-Chicago Reader

The camera never leaves the beleaguered compound, and Beaufort itself becomes a character in the story, a surrealistic zone of tunnels, bunkers and sandbags, about as far from the possibility of heroism as possible.
Stephen Hunter-Washington Post

It makes an urgent case for the futility of most wars, which serve immediate political goals that afterward don't seem terribly important.
Jonathan F. Richards-Film.com

Cedar overcomes the generic characters and formulaic "which innocent will die next in an ironic twist" plotting by his attention to detail.
Hank Sartin-Time Out Chicago

Powerful portrait of an officer and his soldiers facing up to what it means to serve in an army of a fallible, democratic country that spins an explosive pyrrhic victory
Nora Lee Mandel-Film-Forward.com

It doesn't come like a full-length, filmed history lesson at all. In fact, it's a pretty fascinating, sometimes disturbing tale about the emotional and physical toll of combat.
Jeff Vice-Deseret News, Salt Lake City

Engaging war drama that subtly mixes in several different genres to intriguing effect, though it occasionally relies too heavily on cliches.
Matthew Turner-ViewLondon

The film is slow and rather too long (and a bit preachy), but always intense, and its intentions are certainly clear.
Liz Braun-Jam! Movies

In the end [it] isn't about victory or defeat... It's about surviving another day, doing one's job, and getting back to family.
Daniel M. Kimmel-The Jewish Advocate

Even if they do finally get to leave, the film's dispiriting message seems to tell us, in eight centuries there will probably be a new set of soldiers guarding Beaufort.
Rob Thomas-Capital Times (Madison, WI)

Culturally specific war movie leaves non-Israelis wondering what we missed
Marty Mapes-Movie Habit

This Oscar-nominated drama makes excellent use of its location and ensemble cast.
Patrick Peters-Empire Magazine

A fine war picture, one that spotlights war's wastefulness and futility, and humanizes its soldier characters.
Eric D. Snider-EricDSnider.com

A war drama about waiting, and the director, Joseph Cedar, does a terrific job hanging danger and crushing tedium in the air, side by side.
Tim Robey-Daily Telegraph

Despite the unremitting focus on the claustrophobia of outpost life, it's hard to ignore the by-now hoary tropes of the war movie with which Cedar litters his screenplay.
Andrew Pulver-Guardian [UK]

An achingly honest account of the daily fears faced by soldiers.
-Sun Online

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