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Movie Title : Shotgun Stories
Release Date : Oct 12, 2007 Wide
Genre Movie :Drama,Art House & International,Mystery & Suspense
Mpaa Rating : PG-13

Actors :Michael Shannon,Douglas Ligon,Barlow Jacobs,Michael Abbott Jr.,Travis Smith,Lynsee Provence,David Rhodes,Glenda Pannell,G. Alan Wilkins,Natalie Canerday,Coley Canpany,Cole Hendrixson

Two families linked by the same father explode into a violent rivalry in this independent Southern gothic drama, the first feature from director Jeff Nichols. Cleaman Hayes lived and died in Little Rock, AR, where he had seven sons by two different women. After wedding Nicole (Natalie Canerday), Cleaman sired three sons, and his lack of concern for their future was reflected in the fact he barely gave them names -- they were dubbed Son (Michael Shannon), Kid (Barlow Jacobs) and Boy (Douglas Ligon). One day, Cleaman abandoned his wife and sons, and left them to survive in deep poverty that has trapped them to this day. Eventually Cleaman cleaned up his act, launched a successful business, married again, and raised four more sons -- Cleaman Jr. (Michael Abbott, Jr.), Mark (Travis Smith), Stephen (Lynsee Provence) and John (David Rhodes), all of whom were given the love and attention Cleaman denied his first three children. When Cleaman dies, all seven sons attend the funeral, and Son, overcome by bitterness, spits on his father's coffin and tells everyone how much he hated the man. Short tempered Mark answers Son with his fists, and a free-for-all breaks out between the two Hayes families. The anger and rivalry doesn't end at the end of the day, and soon a war has broken out between the clans, with no small amount of blood shed on either side. Shotgun Stories received its North American premiere at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
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New Review For Movie Shotgun Stories

A precisely modulated yet cumulatively forceful story of a rural family feud turned deadly.
Eddie Cockrell-Variety

Director Jeff Nichols lets the action unfold slowly following an impromptu insult, but the escalation of hatred and pain feels natural.
Maureen M. Hart-Chicago Tribune

... here there's also an undercurrent of biblical revenge that lends the narrative a sense of violent menace and an almost continuous tension.
Joshua Katzman-Chicago Reader

Few films are so observant about how we relate with one another. Few are as sympathetic.
Roger Ebert-Chicago Sun-Times

Shotgun Stories is a cautionary tale about revenge, but more than that, it is a beautiful, authentic-feeling portrait of a family and a place.
Michael Ordoña-Los Angeles Times

An austere rural landscape, festering hatred, class tensions, terse dialogue -- these are common currency in indie movies these days. Shotgun Stories uses them all, but manages to stand out from the crowd.
Walter V. Addiego-San Francisco Chronicle

...at once a small, regional tale and something mythic.
Josh Larsen-LarsenOnFilm

There is indeed something mythical, even scriptural, about the struggle among the seven Hayes brothers in Jeff Nichols' remarkable Shotgun Stories.
Kelly Vance-East Bay Express

There is much to "Shotgun Stories" that elevates it above the fray of Green derivatives and unflattering categorizations, bolstered by a roster of naturalistic, fully assimilated performances, led by "Bug"'s now ubiquitous Michael Shannon.
Leo Goldsmith-indieWIRE

Good natural performances.
Dennis Schwartz-Ozus' World Movie Reviews

The credentials of many festival screenings might suggest to alert viewers that this isn't a shoot 'em up between two hill billy clans
Andrew L. Urban-Urban Cinefile

Like Malick, Nichols knows that the sight of a combine transforming an Arkansas cotton field into an apocalyptic dust storm is as eloquent as anything his characters might say.
Jeffrey Overstreet-Looking Closer

Set in rural Arkansas, Jeff Nichols' relaxed, distinctive debut revels in the milieu of its redneck characters, but injects their rural half-blood feud with an almost mythic quality.
Steve Rose-Guardian [UK]

Brilliantly acted, superbly directed and beautifully shot, this is a gripping drama that really gets under your skin and marks writer-director Jeff Nichols out as a talent to watch.
Matthew Turner-ViewLondon

Writer/director Jeff Nichols is one to watch. He has fashioned a simple but powerful cautionary tale, equal parts Southern Gothic and Greek tragedy, and has given a familiar kind of material a fresh spin.
Bonnie Fazio-Reel.com

I'm sick of the kind of exceptional that Shotgun Stories represents.
Walter Chaw-Film Freak Central

The real key to the film is the commanding Michael Shannon.
Jeffrey M. Anderson-Cinematical

The end reveals just how poetic, shifting and dazzling Nichols' touch was all along. That's because Shotgun Stories manages to pull away from a hair-trigger resolution with the same inherent right-ness that loaded the story with such tragic force.
Brian Gibson-Vue Weekly (Edmonton, Canada)

This low-key yarn about lowbrow men isn't for everyone. But whatever its faults and limitations, Shotgun Stories casts a spell unlike any other movie we've seen in ages.
Robert W. Butler-Kansas City Star

Jeff Nichols modern Western is laconic and lazily captivating, its silence slowly building to rage.
Amy Nicholson-I.E. Weekly

An allegory of our times, Shotgun Stories is a tragedy of biblical scale and an intimate family drama.
Bill White-Seattle Post-Intelligencer

It's clearly a labor of love and no doubt true to some regional ways and attitudes. But jeez, it's self-parodic, and all the more so for taking place in some uncharted corner of Dixie where nobody has the slightest sense of humor.
Bob Strauss-Los Angeles Daily News

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Shotgun Stories tracks a feud that erupts between two sets of half brothers following the death of their father. Set against the cotton fields and back roads of Southeast Arkansas, these brothers discover the lengths to which each will go to protect their family.


TagLine Shotgun Stories Two families. One feud. No going back.

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