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Movie Title : Half Moon (Niwe Mung)
Release Date : Dec 14, 2007 Wide
Genre Movie :Drama
Mpaa Rating : Unrated

Actors :Ismail Ghaffari,Allah-Morad Rashtian,Hedye Tehrani,Golshifteh Farahani,Hassan Poorshirazi,Sadiq Behzadpoor,Farzin Saboni,Kambiz Arshi,Ali Ashraf Rezal,Reza Haj Khosravi,Mohamad Nahid,Bahram Zarei,Ali Ashraf Rezai

Director Bahman Ghobadi follows the success of Turtles Can Fly and A Time for Drunken Horses with this tale of an iconic Kurdish musician who, despite his failing health, determines to lead a dozen of his sons to Iraq for a concert staged to celebrate Saddam Hussein's fall and the end of the brutal Iraqi dictator's repression of Kurdish music. Authorization has just been granted for the concert, and upon receiving word of the upcoming musical celebration, Kako (Allah-Morad Rashtian) immediately procures a school bus and sets about rounding up his father, Mamo, and many brothers. Mamo is an elderly statesman of Kurdish music, and as the jovial collection of men make their way across the border between Iranian and Iraqi Kurdistan, they bear witness to a wide-ranging variety of sights both sublime and soul-scarring. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
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This is a road movie unlike any other...
Joe Morgenstern-Wall Street Journal

There's something Styxian about the road travelled here that's reinforced with imagery of death that elevates Ghobadi's tale above the everyday.
Dave Calhoun-Time Out

[Director Bahman Ghobadi] sparks a deeply humanist alchemy in unsentimental tales peopled by nonprofessional actors.
Sheri Linden-Los Angeles Times

For his poetic fourth feature, Half Moon, Bahman Ghobadi returns to the desolation of the Kurdish borderlands and the enduring optimism of his people.
Jeannette Catsoulis-New York Times

Writer-director Bahman Ghobadi's picturesque road trip is less about preserving a musical heritage than accepting one's fate, a mythic trek that's both heartrending and boisterous -- often as hauntingly absurdist as a Kusturica carnival.
Aaron Hillis-Village Voice

The Kurds may not yet have a country, but as long as Bahman Ghobadi keeps making movies they have a national cinema.
Ty Burr-Boston Globe

The film, equipped with a sense of humour as well as a certain kind of Middle Eastern magic realism, has a central theme that emphasises the fate of a whole people without a country to call their own.
Derek Malcolm-This is London

Honours and elevates the unquenchable spirit of its subjects.
Sukhdev Sandhu-Independent

I am a little unsure that the themes, images and ideas in all this come together as satisfactorily as they should, but it is a serious and worthwhile piece of work from a director with a real cinematic language.
Peter Bradshaw-Guardian [UK]

The savage drama of the landscape, the indomitable optimism of the people and the passion of the ubiquitous music - almost every character is a musician - is universal in its appeal.
Wendy Ide-Times [UK]

Stylish, but never quite substantial enough, Half Moon never lives up to its stunning opening sequence.
Sam Jordison-Film4

Part quirky road-movie, part mythic fantasia, part rhapsodic celebration - and wholly captivating.
Philip Kemp-Total Film

Surprisingly gripping despite its whimsical subject matter and often very funny.
Paul Arendt-BBC

Illuminating, surreal, tear-jerking and funny, Half Moon is an unforgettable voyage into a land little seen.
Rob Daniel-Sky Movies

An unflinching and affecting depiction of the region's tragic lunacies.
David Parkinson-Empire Magazine

Opens our hearts and minds to the special place musicians play in the Kurdish culture and the ways in which they celebrate the human spirit.
Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat-Spirituality and Practice

Death may come with the half moon, but there remains a promise of rebirth%u2014the full moon, which illuminates even the desperate landscape of Kurdistan.
Maria Garcia-Film Journal International

a fascinating portrait of an underrepresented people, rich in humor, pathos and possible permutations
Jay Antani-Boxoffice Magazine

Balancing earthy humor and scarring tragedy, Bahman Ghobadi's portraits of Kurdish wanderers are particularly expressive of Iranian cinema's sense of hope within instability.
Fernando F. Croce-Slant Magazine

...a moving road movie that culminates in a dramatic, music-saturated finale.
Robin Clifford-Reeling Reviews

Director Bahman Ghobadi ices his dark parable with a light frosting of humanistic humor.
Bill White-Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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