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Movie Title : The Pool
Release Date : Sep 5, 2008 Wide
Genre Movie :Drama,Art House & International,Comedy
Mpaa Rating : R

Actors :Venkatesh Chavan,Jhangir Badshah,Ayesha Mohan,Nana Patekar,Malcom Faria,Venkatesh Chaven,Nana Patekap

American Movie director Chris Smith makes the shift from documentary specialist to feature-film director with this Hindi-language drama concerning a young hotel employee whose obsession with an opulent swimming pool at a nearby house gradually turns his life upside down. The affluent hills of Panjim, Goa, in India are the absolute lap of luxury, and when a young boy working at a nearby hotel discovers an extravagant swimming pool, his awe is soon offset by the arrival of a mysterious family at the home. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
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Patekar's ability to convey stoic forbearance with so little apparent effort, is one of the marvellous rewards of this intricately textured and compelling film.
Greg Quill-Toronto Star

A miraculous, American-made Hindi film that is every bit as tranquil as the blue-green reservoir that serves as its abiding metaphor.
Stephen Cole-Globe and Mail

Reality and fiction fuse like watercolors in this quietly compelling narrative feature.
Andrea Gronvall-Chicago Reader

It's a movie about a time, a place and a situation that isn't going to change soon. [Director] Smith takes his time to establish the people, the landscape and the striking contrast between the lives of the very rich and the very poor.
John Hartl-Seattle Times

It's a bit schematic and sweet-natured, perhaps to a fault, yet the faces linger.
Michael Phillips-Chicago Tribune

By pushing himself far outside his Midwestern comfort zone and working with non-actors in a language he doesn't speak, Smith has created a fable with universal appeal.
Colin Covert-Minneapolis Star Tribune

Though plot-wise nothing much happens, Smith elicits strong sense of place and teases out the film's themes ...
Alistair Harkness-Scotsman

It's a subtle, truthful, moving story of class, ambition, friendship and romantic yearning, extremely well acted by a largely non-professional cast.
Philip French-Observer [UK]

[A] wholly unobjectionable, likeably performed but faintly soporific drama ...
Tim Robey-Daily Telegraph

Shot with a level of realism we rarely seen in Indian cinema, this film combines sharply engaging characters with an involving story that really gets under the skin. A
Rich Cline-Contactmusic.com

Told with real warmth and charm, this is a confidently handled tale boosted by natural, engaging performances from Venkatesh and Jahangir Badshah as his young friend.
Allan Hunter-Daily Express

It tells you a lot about South India, its essentially rural culture and the stifling poverty of its underclass.
Derek Malcolm-This is London

Smith's film is natural and unforced, with a winning fluency and calm observational style.
Peter Bradshaw-Guardian [UK]

Hopefully Smith will make more movies in this laid-back, poetic style.
David Jenkins-Little White Lies

Here are filigree detailing, pure-and-simple performances (especially from Venkatesh Chavan as the boy) and a subtly lambent moral tale ...
Nigel Andrews-Financial Times

A fascinating narrative set in modern-day Indian and full of insights into a class-riven country.
David Parkinson-Empire Magazine

It tells a tale so sweetly elemental and classic that it could pretty much have happened along at any point in storytelling history.
Hannah McGill-The List

Satisfying tale of marginalized youth struggling to survive alone in a cold world and dreaming of success despite all odds against them.
Dennis Schwartz-Ozus' World Movie Reviews

Shimmers silently. A quietly remarkable film, for its seeming simplicity, its careful rhythms, and its interest in a place and its spirit.
Brian Gibson-Vue Weekly (Edmonton, Canada)

The Pool is beautiful to look at, and, for what it conveys about human nature, to experience.
Liz Braun-Jam! Movies

worth seeing, primarily for its beautiful Goa setting
John A. Nesbit-Old School Reviews

Based on a story by Randy Russell, The Pool is a low-key film that often feels like a documentary...
Sarah Boslaugh-Playback:stl

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Movie Overview For The Pool
A boy in abject poverty works in a hotel and becomes obsessed with a swimming pool in the opulent hills of Panjim, Goa, India. His life gets turned upside-down when he attempts to meet the mysterious family who lives at the house.


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