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Movie Title : The Cool School
Release Date : Mar 7, 2008 Wide
Genre Movie :Musical & Performing Arts,Documentary
Mpaa Rating : Unrated

Actors :John Baldessari,Dennis Hopper,Robert Irwin,Jeff Bridges,Frank O. Gehry,Edward Ruscha,Dean Stockwell,David LaFaille,Peter Plagens,Ed Bereal,William Claxton,Irving Blum,Billy Al Bengston,Eddie Moses,Larry Bell,Walter Hopps,Ed Kienholz,Ken Price,Eve Babitz,Edmond Bereal

New York City has long been regarded as the heart of the American art movement, but near the end of the 1940s, as the post-war rise of Abstract Expressionism became the new wave of painting in the United States, a small but determined band of painters, curators, and collectors on the West Coast were determined to make themselves known. Filmmaker Morgan Neville examines the rise of the Los Angeles art scene and how it brought a new and vigorously American slant to contemporary painting in the documentary The Cool School. Neville profiles Walter Hopps and Irving Blum, owners of the Ferus Gallery, which championed the new school of Los Angeles art; sculptors Ed Kienholz and Larry Bell; and painters Ed Ruscha, John Altoon, and Billy Al Bengston, all of whom were championed by the Ferus Gallery; architect Frank Gehry, whose ideas dovetailed with those of the new L.A. artists; and Dennis Hopper and Dean Stockwell, actors and Hollywood bohemians whose love of the new L.A. art (and willingness to buy pieces) provided crucial support for a struggling movement. Jeff Bridges serves as narrator. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
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Morgan Neville's 'The Cool School' is a slickly packaged document of the burgeoning modern art scene in LA during the late '50s and early '60s which sadly submerges its fascinating subject matter in technical clutter and contrived set-ups.
David Jenkins-Time Out

Lou Lumenick-New York Post

The Cool School, a breezy, lively documentary about a thin slice of the Los Angeles fine art scene in the 1950s, is easy on the eyes, and the ears too.
Manohla Dargis-New York Times

Cool School is a must for anyone interested in 20th century American art.
John Anderson-Newsday

Smart, jazzy and unafraid to deflate egos, Morgan Neville's fast-paced, finely critical study makes for a pungent intro to a movement now esteemed as a key alternative to the New York AbEx stranglehold.
Joshua Rothkopf-Time Out New York

Documentarian Morgan Neville takes an appropriately lively, left-field approach to The Cool School's eye-opening history of the Beat-era Left Coast art scene -- a lesser-known chapter in the story of American modern art.
Lisa Schwarzbaum-Entertainment Weekly

The Cool School is a history of the LA art scene which will be most interesting for those who are involved in it.
Wendy Ide-Times [UK]

Occasionally too reverent, this remains an effective evocation of a vibrant and interesting art scene, not to mention a touching paean to lost youth.
Sam Jordison-Film4

The Cool School is neither as lively nor as complete as it could be, but as an introduction to modern art, it's a fine freshman course.
David Cornelius-eFilmCritic.com

Breezy doc lives up to its title.
Geoff Berkshire-Metromix.com

Veteran documentarist Morgan Neville's illustrated history of the painters and sculptors associated with Venice's Ferus Gallery (1957-1967) is at once lively and analytical.
Ron Stringer-L.A. Weekly

Makes the case that there's more than basket weaving and freeway driving going on in the seedbed of originality we know as the Great Basin of L.A.
Jules Brenner-Cinema Signals

Sweeps you off your feet with quick-witted visuals and cleverly used archival footage.
Sara Maria Vizcarrondo-Boxoffice Magazine

Definitely proves that, contrary to certain opinions, Los Angeles is not a cultural wasteland where fine art is concerned.
David Noh-Film Journal International

Surf's up in Southern California as the modern art world invades Nixonville and Reagan City in the 1950s. A fascinating look at the start of something big: modern art in Los Angeles.
Ron Wilkinson-Monsters and Critics

Thoughtful and thought-provoking.
Ken Fox-TV Guide's Movie Guide

Largely avoids sharply delineated portraits, with its focus on the scene at the expense of individuals, ultimately resulting in a documentary that doesn't rise above the functional.
Nick Schager-Slant Magazine

Though designed more for the devotee of the arts than your average moviegoer, the film is still apt to enthrall even the uninitiated who wouldn't know a Jackson Pollock from a Willem de Kooning.
Kam Williams-NewsBlaze

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How LA Learned to Love Modern Art. A lesson in how a few renegade artists built an art scene from scratch.


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