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Movie Title : Superbad
Release Date : Aug 17, 2007 Wide
Genre Movie :Comedy
Mpaa Rating : R

Actors :Jonah Hill,Michael Cera,Seth Rogen,Bill Hader,Christopher Mintz-Plasse,Kevin Corrigan,Joe Lo Truglio,Martha MacIsaac,Emma Stone,Aviva,Clement Blake,Erica Vittana Phillips,Joseph A. Nuñez,Dave Franco,Marcella Lentz-Pop,Scottie Gerbacia,Laura Seay,Roger Iwami,Clint Mabry,Stacy Edwards

Operating under the assumption that by procuring alcohol for an upcoming party they will finally be able to break their longstanding losing streak with the fairer sex, socially inept high school seniors Evan (Michael Cera) and Seth (Jonah Hill) set out to secure the adult beverages that could get them off of the geek list before they even attend college orientation. Evan is a bright young student whose outward sweetness belies his suffocating fear of heading off to college without his lifelong best friend Seth -- a hormone-driven mischief-maker who wasn't accepted to the same school as Evan. But Evan and Seth both know that college is a place of personal reinvention, and that if they are able to make that first leap together they will have forged a bond powerful enough to last a lifetime. Meanwhile, Evan and Seth's friend Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) acquires a hastily rendered fake I.D. that instantly endears him to a pair of truly irresponsible cops (Bill Hader and Seth Rogen). Penned by co-star Rogen in collaboration with former Da Ali G Show co-writer Evan Goldberg, the semi-autobiographical SuperBad was produced by Judd Apatow and directed by Greg Mottola -- who previously helmed episodes of Undeclared and Arrested Development. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
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What makes the film so appealing is the disconnect between what comes from the mouths of these hormone-addled pups and what's going on in their heads, where they're still clinging desperately to the innocence they're leaving behind.
Bob Mondello-NPR.org

[Cera] has some of the best comic timing of anyone working in film today, a precocious sense of the awkward pauses and misread cues in which social panic resides.
Christopher Orr-The New Republic

This is the funniest picture since Borat, and more emotionally nuanced than you would expect.
Tom Charity-CNN.com

'Superbad' at its best goes right through knockabout to land in deliciously obscene places - notably a staggering succession of doodles in which tumescent cocks take on various extraordinary guises.
Ben Walters-Time Out

A critical mass of these kinds of flicks argues for a new subgenre: "nerdsploitation."
Lisa Kennedy-Denver Post

'Superbad': 'American Graffiti Redux,' only updated with the usual raunch and a major penis fixation
Joe Baltake-Passionate Moviegoer

It's a simple tale about two horny kids not only on a quest for vodka, beer and sticky fumbling, but they're looking to find themselves in the process. I'll be damned if there's many people left in the cinema afterwards who won't relate to that.
Ali Gray-TheShiznit.co.uk

Honest goodwill, fond observational detail and Greg Mottola's exuberant direction make the picture nigh on irresistible, but there are some missteps.
Ryan Gilbey-Sight and Sound

The affable trajectory covers enough guffaws to balance out the flattest visuals this side of The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes
Fernando F. Croce-CinePassion

Like all Apatow productions, it's far too long but it has a winning combination of cleverly crude humor and genuine sweetness.
Jeffrey M. Anderson-Combustible Celluloid

The comic-duo of Jonah Hill and Michael Cera reminded me of an immature, foul-mouthed Laurel & Hardy.
Jeff Bayer-The Scorecard Review

even if Superbad's not much more than a teen comedy, it's the best teen comedy to come out in at least a decade. There's no shame in that.
Sean Gandert-Paste Magazine

Thanks to Rogen and Apatow we can once again look forward to seeing R-rated comedies.
Adam Tobias-Watertown Daily Times

a fresh air
Stefan Birgir Stefansson-sbs.is

Raunchy enough, but it lacks some of the subtle wit and verbal sophistication that has always distinguished Apatow's finest comedies.
Rossiter Drake-San Francisco Examiner

Audiences who've laughed their asses off at Rogen's other work will be pleased to know that Superbad is not just another teen movie.
Tricia Olszewski-Washington City Paper

The thing that saves Superbad from being a profane waste of time is its urbane intelligence and above all, bracing honesty.
Brandon Fibbs-Colorado Springs Gazette

Although the cop characters run out of steam a bit towards the end, the metrosexual relationship between the leads stays fresh all the way through. Brilliant.
Simon Thompson-Heart 106.2

... a humanizing comedy built around the coming-of-age absurdity of actually getting whatever it is you think you want.
Kevin A. Ranson-MovieCrypt.com

Maybe I would have been better off seeing Superbad before it became an instant cult classic.
Gabe Leibowitz-Film and Felt

be sure to stick it out through the closing credits. You'll thank me later.
Marlow Stern-Manhattan Movie Magazine

So bad that it's good, Superbad takes talking dirty on screen to a new level that will serve as shock treatment for some, and leave the rest in stitches.
Prairie Miller-NewsBlaze

Yet another in a fine line of the coming of age buddy comedies...
Felix Vasquez Jr.-Cinema Crazed

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High school best buddies are facing separation anxiety as they prepare to go off to college. While attempting to score alcohol for a party with help from their fake ID-toting friend, "McLovin", the guys' evening takes a turn into chaotic territory.


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