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Movie Title : The Simpsons Movie
Release Date : Jul 27, 2007 Wide
Genre Movie :Comedy,Animation
Mpaa Rating : PG-13

Actors :Dan Castellaneta,Julie Kavner,Yeardley Smith,Nancy Cartwright,Harry Shearer,Erin Brockovich,Dan Catellaneta,Minnie Driver,Hank Azaria,Marcia Wallace,Billie Joe Armstrong,Frank Edwin Wright III,Michael Pritchard,Tress MacNeille,Pamela Hayden,Joe Mantegna,Albert Brooks,Russi Taylor,Karl Wiedergott,Maggie Roswell

They've kept television viewers laughing for nearly 20 years, and now the most popular animated family on the small screen makes the leap into theaters as Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, ad Maggie embark on their first-ever feature-length adventure. Directed by David Silverman and written by a whole host of Simpsons veterans including Matt Groening and James L. Brooks, The Simpsons Movie also features special guest appearances by Albert Brooks among others. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi PG-13
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User Ranting Movie The Simpsons Movie : 3.7
User Percentage For The Simpsons Movie : 78 %
User Count Like for The Simpsons Movie : 1,732,361

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Doesn't make the existential leap to the big screen, and it doesn't have the density of gags or the lunatic free-association of the best episodes.
David Edelstein-New York Magazine

Nobody should have a cow. Bigger and longer don't always mean better, but The Simpsons Movie is still a cut above.
Paul Clinton (CNN.com)-CNN.com

Definitely worth your money.
Richard Roeper-Ebert & Roeper

Some 10 years after expected, The Simpsons Movie couldn't give a doodle in a doughnut hole about expectations anyway. It may deliver what we've already got, but it leaves no doubt why we got it in the first place.
Geoff Pevere-Toronto Star

The Simpsons Movie is as hard to critique as it is to resist.
Dana Stevens-Slate

This one feels incomplete, an underachiever still searching for a real reason to exist beyond enriching a fat franchise.
Peter Travers-Rolling Stone

It really is a crushing disappointment to report that The Simpsons Movie is merely average by its own lofty standards.
Ali Gray-TheShiznit.co.uk

It's just a shame that it's just a pretty good effort rather than a fantastic one from writers who just could have done that little bit better.
Daniel Saney-Digital Spy

The Simpsons Movie doesn't ever reach its real potential, but there's enough good material at the start to mostly make up for a draggy second half. Still, if you like the Simpsons on television, you'll like them on the big screen just as well.
Joshua Starnes-ComingSoon.net

though Homer himself chastises us, near the start of the movie, for paying for something we can watch on TV for free, I consider the money I put down my contribution to Groening's good cause.
Jay Antani-Cinema Writer

Scarcely exploring the liberties of cinema the way the South Park movie did, The Simpsons Movie still showcases deeper and truer colors
Fernando F. Croce-CinePassion

It could be I'm missing a lot of the inside humor and subtext. But I think the movie, too, is missing a lot of subtext.
Peter Keough-Boston Phoenix

the writing of the episodes are so brilliant that the big-screen version simply lives up to the show's name
Kevin Carr-7M Pictures

From its very first frame the movie is through and through The Simpsons and its creators have taken the time and care to make this worth a trip to the theater rather than waiting for another syndicated rerun to come on.
Sean Gandert-Paste Magazine

Hysterically funny, genuinely cinematic -- and you get to see Bart's doodle, too.
Richard Luck-Film4

'The Simpsons Movie' only sporadically harnesses the boundless creative energy and satirical edge that earned Groening's series its reputation as one of the most sophisticated comedies in TV history. For fans, however, it is a gift long overdue.
Rossiter Drake-San Francisco Examiner

We barely get a line from Mr. Burns, Moe, Lou and the rest of the bunch, but following Homer J. Simpson is not a bad way to spend an hour and a half of your summer.
Jeff Bayer-The Scorecard Review

Hardly calls for the emphasis of a feature presentation except that it's a powerful form of market engineering.
Jules Brenner-Cinema Signals

You'll be laughing the whole way through to the style of gags and set-ups the series is famous for.
Garth Franklin-Dark Horizons

One of the year's funniest theatrical releases, [but] it's also tough to shake a feeling of mild disappointment.
Nick Schager-Lessons of Darkness

Thankfully, the cinematic adaptation bears a strong resemblance to the great early Simpsons episodes, with a consistent script, nonstop jokes, and lots & lots of Homer.
Gabe Leibowitz-Film and Felt

If you love the show...you'll love the movie.
Sandie Angulo Chen-Common Sense Media

The big screen version of the legendary TV series is a fitting tribute and is worth the wait.
Bruce Bennett-Spectrum (St. George, Utah)

If you combine all important elements into one 87-minute 'PG-13' film, will you have what Comic Book Guy would call the ... Best. Episode. Ever?
Adam Fendelman-HollywoodChicago.com

As a full-length cartoon, "The Simpsons Movie" is drawn out - but in a good way.
Roger Tennis-Cinemaclips.com

Gives us the most evil EPA agent in movies since William Atherton unleashed the minions of Zool on New York City.
Stephen Himes-Film Snobs

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