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Movie Title : The Life of Reilly
Release Date : Nov 9, 2007 Wide
Genre Movie :Documentary,Comedy
Mpaa Rating : Unrated

Actors :Charles Nelson Reilly

"The Life of Reilly" is an adaptation of Mr. Reilly's acclaimed one-man show and was photographed for the screen during Mr. Reilly's final two perfomances of his play in North Hollywood, California. The film takes us through this man's strange, tragic, and hilarious life, from his birth in a humble neighborhood of the Bronx to his retirement in his posh Beverly Hills abode. Unrated
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...he's far more candid recalling his grand delusions in a school play than he is when he gets to Broadway and Hollywood.
Owen Gleiberman-Entertainment Weekly

...it's a funny and frequently affecting reminiscence...
J. R. Jones-Chicago Reader

Life of Reilly is vivid proof that living well, and laughing heartily, can be the best revenge.
Joe Leydon-Variety

As this entertaining recording of his one-man show reveals, Reilly was a natural raconteur.
Hank Sartin-Time Out

The Life of Reilly lets us know how much the world has changed.
Andrew O'Hehir-Salon.com

Director Barry Poltermann's sweet little evocation of a show business career captures Reilly at 'the twilight of an extraordinary life,' in Reilly's words.
Michael Phillips-Chicago Tribune

It was shot just before he died, so it's a nice record of his life in his own words, a life that included bizarre family situations as well as his solo navigation of Hollywood as a decidedly unconventional celebrity.
Dave White-Movies.com

Gives us a sense of a full life of triumph and tragedy, an epic story told in 84 minutes by a master raconteur.
Rob Gonsalves-eFilmCritic.com

It doesn't pretend to be a movie, really, but it's an unexpected treat from a man who made a living out of being silly.
Robert Horton-HeraldNet

See Life of Reilly and you won't see him as a pop culture footnote ever again.
Rob Thomas-Wisconsin State Journal

The schmaltzy surface-nature of the show, however, is redeemed by Reilly's performance... and by a final story...
Randy Shulman-Metro Weekly (Washington, DC)

It... holds wrenching emotional power in its naked, warts-and-all history of one man's life...
KJ Doughton-Film Threat

Unfortunately, I never caught Nelson live, but this film has to be the closest thing to it.
Jonathan W. Hickman-Entertainment Insiders

...the man's sense of stagecraft and storytelling prowess are undeniable.
Jason Anderson-eye WEEKLY

Helmers Frank Anderson and Barry Poltermann had the bright idea to preserve Reilly's show on film, and... it is indeed an invaluable record.
David Noh-Film Journal International

Charles Nelson Reilly's one-man stage show makes for a terrific one-man movie.
Richard Knight-Windy City Times

This is a story about all wide-eyed dreamers as much as it is about him: When Reilly reads off the roster of his classmates in a New York acting class for the dirt-poor, it's a simple act that's hugely inspiring.
Tricia Olszewski-Washington City Paper

Reilly conjures a self-portrait that is insightful, hilarious and completely devoid of self-pity.
Chris Hewitt (St. Paul)-St. Paul Pioneer Press

... a poignant tribute to the one-time Broadway star best known to the public at large as a game-show wit and Johnny Carson guest.
Sean Axmaker-Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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