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Movie Title : Juno
Release Date : Dec 5, 2007 Wide
Genre Movie :Drama,Comedy
Mpaa Rating : PG-13

Actors :Ellen Page,Michael Cera,Jason Bateman,Jennifer Garner,Allison Janney,J.K. Simmons,Olivia Thirlby,Eileen Pedde,Daniel Clark,Darla Vandenbossche,Aman Johal,Valerie Tian,Emily Perkins,Kaaren de Zilva,Steven Christopher Parker,Candice Accola,Sierra Pitkin,Cut Chemist,Eve Harlow,Kirsten Williamson

When a teenage girl is faced with an unexpected pregnancy, she enlists the aid of her best friend in finding the unborn child a suitable home in this coming-of-age comedy drama from Thank You for Smoking director Jason Reitman. Juno (Ellen Page) may seem wise beyond her years, but after sleeping with classmate Bleeker (Michael Cera), the pregnant teen quickly realizes how little she really knows about life. Thankfully, Juno has been blessed with parents (J.K. Simmons and Allison Janney) who trust their daughter's judgment, and a best friend named Leah (Olivia Thirlby), who's always willing to help out in a pinch. With a little help from Leah, Juno soon comes into contact with Mark (Jason Bateman) and Vanessa (Jennifer Garner) -- an affluent suburban couple who have been unable to conceive a child of their own. Mark and Vanessa seem like they would make great parents, and are eager to adopt Juno's unborn child. Now, as adolescent Juno is faced with a series of very adult decisions, she will draw on the support of her family and friends in order to discover who she truly is, and discover that one bad choice can have a lifetime of consequences. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
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Screenwriter Diablo Cody and director Jason Reitman make Juno the marvelously un-still center of a wistfully acerbic comedy that qualifies as a feminized version of Knocked Up.
Bob Mondello-NPR.org

Fierce without being cruel, sweet without becoming saccharine, and never short of hilarious, it's not only the best comedy of the year, but one of the best films, period.
Christopher Orr-The New Republic

Juno comes on all wisecracking and aren't-we-clever, but don't be surprised if you find yourself getting choked up -- with happy tears -- by the end.
Rene Rodriguez-Miami Herald

Juno is the best movie of the year. It's the best screenplay of the year, and it features the best actress of the year working with the best acting ensemble of the year.
Tom Long-Detroit News

By its end, Juno, in its guilelessly chatty way, touches the heart -- and yes, I had tears in my eyes. This movie works, on its own terms.
Moira MacDonald-Seattle Times

The best thing about this movie is that for all its wiseacre badinage, it's utterly believable about the most basic of human situations.
Peter Howell-Toronto Star

A bouncing baby that seems destined to grow into a classic.
Ali Gray-TheShiznit.co.uk

Sadly, while Juno may be able to carry a big bun in her oven, this film can't quite bear the heavy burden of expectation so well.
Ben Rawson-Jones-Digital Spy

Indie film has the same success rate as Hollywood spectacle and for the same reason--reliance on well worn stereotypes and cliché--but it's the good stuff that comes along that makes all the dreck worth sitting through. Juno is the good stuff.
Joshua Starnes-ComingSoon.net

'Juno' is on some counts unrealistic and does not probe deeply, but it has undeniable charm.
Donald J. Levit-ReelTalk Movie Reviews

Little Miss Rain Clouds
Thomas Peyser-Style Weekly (Richmond, VA)

Ellen Page's performance is the key to Juno's journey, and she unerringly nuances her character's blithe self-assuredness with just the right notes of uncertainty and innocence.
Steven D. Greydanus-Decent Films Guide

Juno is the best kind of comedy: one that makes you laugh, but not at the expense of your emotions.
James Kendrick-Q Network Film Desk

One of the best films of the year.
Jason Zingale-Bullz-Eye.com

Jason Reitman directs Juno with just the light touch it needs, and Page is surrounded by terrific supporting performances all around. This could be the sleeper hit of the year.
Jean Lowerison-San Diego Metropolitan

Even if you knew nothing of Juno going in, it's easy to pick up on the fact that the movie's voice is unlike any you've heard in a while -- it's totally fresh, in every sense of the word.
Brian Marder-Hollywood.com

Right from the beginning when Juno is chugging away on Sunny D, we want to see watch she will say and do next.
Jeff Bayer-The Scorecard Review

The fact that the film deals with teenage pregnancy - and doesn't preach at all - is a feat of filmmaking.
Kevin Carr-7M Pictures

Juno is a great little movie, and its quirky, intelligent approach to teenage characters could teach a thing or two to the makers of teen horror flicks.
Steve Biodrowski-ESplatter

Being the hipster movie of the year presents a couple of problems. One is that hipsters are kind of annoying.
Kyle Smith-KyleSmithOnline.com

(Juno) is perfectly clever and perfectly paced.
Kevin McCarthy-WJFK-FM (CBS Radio)

Don't tell this to Jamie Lynn Spears, but there can be some humor behind a 16-year-old getting pregnant.
Adam Tobias-Watertown Daily Times

Gilmore Girls gone wild... [Blu-Ray review]
Peter Canavese-Groucho Reviews

Excels in smart, stylishly rude, tangy teen dialogue, courtesy of screenwriter and former stripper and phone sex operator, Diablo Cody, boasting career choices that have assisted her in perfecting talking dirty on screen into a science, I guess.
Prairie Miller-NewsBlaze

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Movie Overview For Juno
A young girl named Juno gets herself pregnant and tries to stand on her own. She soon learns a few lessons about being grown up.


TagLine Juno A comedy about growing up... and the bumps along the way.

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