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Movie Title : Eastern Promises
Release Date : Sep 21, 2007 Wide
Genre Movie :Mystery & Suspense,Drama
Mpaa Rating : R

Actors :Viggo Mortensen,Naomi Watts,Vincent Cassel,Armin Mueller-Stahl,Sinead Cusack,Donald Sumpter,Josef Altin,Mina E. Mina,Aleksandar Mikic,Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse,Lalita Ahmed,Buddy Uzzaman,Dana Smith Croll,Raza Jaffrey,Jerzy Skolimowski,Tatiana Maslany,Shannon-Fleur Roux,Lillibet Langley,Mia Soterious,Rad Kaim

Viggo Mortensen, Naomi Watts, Armin Mueller-Stahl, and Vincent Cassel star in this David Cronenberg's thriller concerning a London midwife who unwittingly stumbles into a clandestine Russian sex trafficking ring. An unidentified Russian teen has been rushed to a London hospital after going into labor. Though midwife Anna Khitrova (Watts) does manage to deliver a healthy baby girl, the newborn's mother dies tragically during delivery. But the deceased mother's secrets did not die with her, because she has left behind a diary. Determined to ensure the newborn is placed with her rightful family, Anna attempts to read the diary and discovers a business card for a local restaurant therein. Upon visiting the restaurant Anna is greeted by kindly owner Semyon (Mueller-Stahl), who generously offers to translate it for her. But Semyon is not what he appears to be, and before long Anna begins to fear that the child could be in great danger. Semyon admits to Anna that the diary contains information about his son Kirill (Cassell) that could land the volatile offspring in jail despite the fact that Kirill is at heart a good person. As the truth begins to unfold and Anna begins to believe that Kirill and his driver Nikolai (Mortensen) - an ambitious driver seeking to ascent the ranks of the notorious Russian mafia - mean the baby harm, an underworld storm begins to brew that could consume all involved. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
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User Ranting Movie Eastern Promises : 3.8
User Percentage For Eastern Promises : 82 %
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New Review For Movie Eastern Promises

Slightly hesitant, slightly undercharacterised and gently compromising, hybrid: an oddly diplomatic, if often brutal, dip into the hellish demi-mondes lurking behind bouncer-guarded London doorways.
Wally Hammond-Time Out

It's just too bad Eastern Promises, on the whole, promises more than it delivers.
Roger Moore-Orlando Sentinel

Here is an excellent crime thriller made with grown-ups in mind.
Rene Rodriguez-Miami Herald

...manages to blend the clashing of cultures, family resentment, ugly heritage and the unlikely promise of new life without going in circles.
Tom Long-Detroit News

Eastern Promises is a straightforward, straight-up Russian gangster movie whose primary achievement is making the Russian gangster underworld feel exotic and menacing.
Terry Lawson-Detroit Free Press

...Eastern Promises is as honorable an entertainment as it is a humbling work of art.
Lisa Kennedy-Denver Post

Quite possibly the best film of the year, it is to be seen at all costs.
Ben Rawson-Jones-Digital Spy

David Cronenberg's spin on "The Departed," in which lawmen and the lawless were similarly tested within an ethnic mafia's ranks. But where that became an overwrought bloodbath, "Promises" maintained a vicious focus on mob malevolence and personal peril.
Nick Rogers-Suite101.com

"It starts very well, and we're immediately drawn into this world of dead pregnant teens, the Russian mob, the hermeneutics of tattoos and the archetypal disappointment of a father with his son."
Jason Gorber-Filmfest

Clearly a companion piece to (and just as good as, if not better than) 2005's fantastic A History of Violence, Eastern Promises is all about blood, in the familial as well as the literal sense.
Ian Buckwalter-DCist

Even if the frequently low-key plot suffers from the occasional sleepy stretch, Mortensen turns in a magnificent performance.
Mike Scott-Times-Picayune

Late-period Cronenberg masterpiece
Fernando F. Croce-CinePassion

David Cronenberg is a director who sets out to bring life (and death) back to violence. In Eastern Promises he does just that. It is a movie that will make audiences squirm and look away.
Tony Macklin-Fayetteville Free Weekly

Mortensen is very convincing as Nikolai, and his Russian accent is impeccable.
Jeff Vice-Deseret News, Salt Lake City

Un ejemplo de cine negro contemporáneo realizado y narrado con gran precisión. Excelente elenco donde se destaca la notable labor de Viggo Mortensen.
Enrique Buchichio-Uruguay Total

Eastern Promises has a lot going for it, which makes it all the more disappointing when the story takes a fatal turn towards the end.
Alonso Duralde-MSNBC

This is my favorite David Cronenberg film to date.
Jeff Bayer-The Scorecard Review

...a Godfather for a new culture and era.
Brandon Fibbs-Colorado Springs Gazette

Poderia perfeitamente ter se revelado um thriller absolutamente convencional caso não tivesse, a seu favor, dois elementos importantíssimos: a direção segura e intrigante de David Cronenberg e, claro, a performance hipnótica de Viggo Mortensen.
Pablo Villaca-Cinema em Cena

Despite Viggo's total gorgeousness, a nude fight-for-his-life in a steam room has all the titillation of a butcher throwing down a slab of meat.
Amy Nicholson-I.E. Weekly

David Cronenberg proves he doesn't have to use violence to tell a good story.
Wesley Lovell-Cinema Sight

If you're a fan of crime flicks, Viggo Mortensen or director David Cronenberg, this movie is sure to give you what you want.
JoBlo-JoBlo's Movie Emporium

Surprising and rather suspenseful crime drama and the perfect follow-up from the director who composes a pleasing violent moral duality tale...
Felix Vasquez Jr.-Cinema Crazed

There seems to be no point to it all other than to craft an unsettling motion picture with some grisly close ups of throats being slit.
Jordan Hiller-Bangitout.com

Though not as subtle, complex, or personal as History of Violence, Cronenberg's new film is a grim, taut, well-crafted crimer about the Russian mafia in London, as close to a genre picture as helmer has ever done.
Emanuel Levy-EmanuelLevy.Com

Barbershop throat slitting, nude macho wrestling and eye gouging in a bathhouse, and far too willing underage Ukrainian sex slaves. A double vodka, please.
Prairie Miller-NewsBlaze

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Movie Overview For Eastern Promises
A Russian teenager living in London who dies during childbirth leaves clues to a midwife in her journal that could tie her child to a rape involving a violent Russian mob family.


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