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Movie Title : Up the Yangtze
Release Date : Sep 30, 2007 Wide
Genre Movie :Documentary,Special Interest
Mpaa Rating : Unrated

Actors :Chen Bo Yu,Yu Shui

Director Yung Chang uses the construction of China's massive Three Gorges Dam as a springboard to better understanding the social hierarchies and changing times in his homeland in this documentary focusing on the luxury cruise ship that carries predominately Western tourists down the Yangtze River. Constructed as a symbol of modern progress in China, the Three Gorges Dam has forced millions of common people out of their ancestral homes, and will soon swallow up numerous nearby towns and villages. Despite the fact that the government has funded alterative housing for the dislocated families, however, many citizens make their way to higher ground feeling as if they have been duped by the powers that be. In order to truly understand how this affects the people, Chang focuses on telling the stories of middle-class scion Chen Bo Yu (renamed "Jerry" by the cruise line) and Yu Shui (who answers to the call of "Cindy" while on duty). As the ship sets sail, this hard-working pair do their best to familiarize themselves with Western social cues, striving to perform to the best of their abilities, and ponder the prospects of a brighter future. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
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User Ranting Movie Up the Yangtze : 3.9
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The movie never editorializes; it simply presents. It is tragedy, not statistics.
Richard Nilsen-Arizona Republic

Myth and reality, past and present, tradition and progress go head to head in Yung Chang's remarkable documentary about China's longest river, Up the Yangtze.
Tirdad Derakhshani-Philadelphia Inquirer

The tone is finally one of wistful resignation.
John Hartl-Seattle Times

There's plenty for the director to focus on. Examining the dam's environmental impact alone would take another whole movie. Instead, [director] Yung trains his lens mainly on the cultural impact.
Michael O'Sullivan-Washington Post

Visually stunning, this documentary by Chinese-Canadian filmmaker Yung Chang is part travelogue, part social critique of China's economic miracle and the sweeping cultural changes it is forcing in its wake.
Andrea Gronvall-Chicago Reader

What Chinese Canadian filmmaker Yung Chang achieves in his documentary Up the Yangtze is remarkable.
G. Allen Johnson-San Francisco Chronicle

Modernization is a double-edged sword as this superb documentary illustrates.
Louis Proyect-rec.arts.movies.reviews

Up the Yangtze drips with irony, something only the rich can afford.
Kelly Vance-East Bay Express

Yung gets to the broken heart of a dying culture by conveying the impact of the dam on two individuals affected by, and participating in, the government's vision for 'progress.'
Jeffrey Overstreet-Looking Closer

Very visually documents the human cost of the abrupt changes in the Chinese economy, and intimately into the sociological changes wrought by the astounding Three Gorges Dam.
Nora Lee Mandel-Film-Forward.com

A cruise on the Yangtze, site of the Three Gorges Dam (the largest hydroelectric project in the world) is a fitting metaphor for the promise and cost of China's rapid modernization.
Sarah Boslaugh-Playback:stl

Up the Yangtze is a reminder that every little family matters and that economic miracles are zero-sum games.
Jason Heck-Kansas City Star

Chang's fluid camera captures the river's vanishing beauty, as well as the dichotomy between Yu Shui's rural poverty and Chen Bo Yu's urban lifestyle.
Sean Means-Salt Lake Tribune

[Induces] culture shock at discovering [an] unseen world...
MaryAnn Johanson-Flick Filosopher

Though it is a bit slow-moving, this documentary feature is visually stunning.
Jeff Vice-Deseret News, Salt Lake City

A searing lament for China and the eradication of its historic farming culture, Yangtze is a stunning documentary that details every gut-churning step of inevitability.
Brian Orndorf-BrianOrndorf.com

floats across the screen, leaving indelible metaphoric imagery of China's rapidly changing way of life
John A. Nesbit-Old School Reviews

If Up the Yangtze makes you think, 'How can a film so lovely be about something so horrible?' then it has done its job.
Chris Hewitt (St. Paul)-St. Paul Pioneer Press

Like all the best documentaries, Up the Yangtze shows us something we've never seen before, with insight and meaning. Up the Ynagtze goes down in movie history as a work of lasting value
Urban Cinefile Critics-Urban Cinefile

This, the film argues, is the way of the future: One form of poverty-stricken squalor replaced by a tackier, more plasticized life of similarly deadend subservience, all in the guise of economic progress.
Sean Burns-Philadelphia Weekly

Up the Yangtze provides a devastating view of top-down, broad-stroke social programs.
Michael Sragow-Baltimore Sun

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Movie Overview For Up the Yangtze
A luxury cruise boat motors up the Yangtze - navigating the mythic waterway known in China simply as "The River." The Yangtze is about to be transformed by the biggest hydroelectric dam in history. At the river's edge - a young woman says goodbye to her family as the floodwaters rise towards their small homestead. The Three Gorges Dam - contested symbol of the Chinese economic miracle - provides the epic backdrop for Up the Yangtze, a dramatic feature documentary on life inside modern China.


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