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Movie Title : Starting Out in the Evening
Release Date : Nov 23, 2007 Wide
Genre Movie :Art House & International,Drama
Mpaa Rating : PG-13

Actors :Frank Langella,Lauren Ambrose,Lili Taylor,Adrian Lester,Karl Bury,Anitha Gandhi,Sean T. Krishnan,Jessica Hecht,Joel West

Frank Langella (Dracula, Good Night, and Good Luck.) stars in Andrew Wagner's independent drama Starting Out in the Evening, an adaptation of the acclaimed 1999 best-seller by Brian Morton. Langella plays Leonard Schiller, a once-celebrated author whose first four novels inspired Heather Wolfe (Lauren Ambrose) to pursue a career as a writer. These days, Leonard is still working toward completion of the novel that has occupied his life for nearly a decade. On the surface, Leonard has removed himself completely from the deep-seated need for success that characterized his life at an earlier point in time; but on a more buried level, he still longs for his fiction to be rediscovered and re-acclaimed. Now an eager graduate student in the throes of her thesis, Heather is writing her dissertation on Schiller, and promptly convinces him that she can use the thesis to regenerate popularity and discovery of his work. Heather also projects personal interest in Leonard, however, which cuts straight through to the core of his loneliness and brings him in touch with his need for a meaningful relationship even as it leaves him feeling shaken and increasingly uncertain. Meanwhile, Leonard finds that his relationship with his daughter, Ariel (Lili Taylor), is challenged, both by Heather's presence and by Ariel's decision to begin dating her former boyfriend Casey (Adrian Lester) once again -- a fact that Leonard finds most upsetting thanks to his disapproval of Casey. Suddenly, Leonard feels his entire world turned upside down, from his familial relationships to the security of his writing to his own physical vitality -- but he is also taking risks and plunging headfirst into the core of life for the first time, thus living out the principles long celebrated and upheld in his fiction and giving himself the capacity to grow. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi
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Starting Out in the Evening is thrilling in a way that a movie larded with car chases and explosions can seldom be, because of the way it deals with that basic building block of civilization, the creative process.
Jonathan F. Richards-Film.com

Langella's nuanced performance saves the film; the actor has an understated but powerful role, and he takes full advantage.
Connie Ogle-Miami Herald

It's Langella's performance that anchors the film.
Bill Goodykoontz-Arizona Republic

What to do with this light, while it lasts? [Director] Wagner's problem is to find an answer to that question and also to offer some resolution to the conflicts of honesty and compromise the movie portrays.
Philip Marchand-Toronto Star

A strong cast and a literate script make for a refreshingly subtle film.
Liam Lacey-Globe and Mail

Langella is superb, and Starting Out in the Evening is a classy film... but it could have used a little less circumspection, a little more juice.
David Denby-New Yorker

ut when all is finally revealed it’s gesture—especially the hands—that lifts this film into the ranks of extraordinary and ... bears repeated viewings to savour the subtlety and intimate sense of self.
S. James Wegg-JWR

Starting Out in the Evening has a formidable performance by Frank Langella to recommend it.
Tony Macklin-Fayetteville Free Weekly

A bravura performance from Frank Langella blended into a lackluster story.
Wesley Lovell-Cinema Sight

Awkward and sometimes overly subtle, but compelling performances by a cast of normally supporting actors who make the most of their much deserved chance to carry a film.
Bruce Bennett-Spectrum (St. George, Utah)

Wagner has turned the page on a promising career, and it will be exciting to see what the next chapter brings.
Phil Villarreal-Arizona Daily Star

Criminally overlooked, this is a great movie, about which I could find no complaint or overt flaw except feeling that Taylor (whom I do love) was mostly a distraction. See it if you can.
Karina Montgomery-Cinerina

Wagner's film is an elegy of sorts for that once-mighty beast known as the New York Writer, a creature that now finds itself increasingly marginalized in a world in which readers are getting scarcer and shelf space for serious fiction is dwindling daily.
Marc Savlov-Austin Chronicle

By and large, Starting Out in the Evening is smart and considered and grown-up and credibly human filmmaking.
Shawn Levy-Oregonian

Just may be the best film of 2007 that you've probably never heard of.
Ken Hanke-Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC)

Starting Out in the Evening is just a movie about a dignified old white man who writes novels, slowly, on a typewriter. Clever concept.
Jonathan Kiefer-Sacramento News & Review

A dry, insightful and sensitive drama.
Jim Slotek-Jam! Movies

This is Frank Langella's movie. He's been given a plum of role, and he bites into it with amazing grace and precision.
Beverly Berning-culturevulture.net

[Frank Langella] is a god of sorts to those who've followed his career for 30 years with an appreciation for subtle, forceful acting, and he's at the top of his game in Starting Out in the Evening.
Lawrence Toppman-Charlotte Observer

Watching Frank Langella in this film is like seeing a brilliant new actor give his breakthrough performance.
Eric D. Snider-EricDSnider.com

A film so quiet that just the crunch of buttered popcorn might drown out some of its subtleties.
Matt Brunson-Creative Loafing

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Starting Starting Starting
Movie Overview For Starting Out in the Evening
Leonard Schiller once counted among New York's Literary lions, but illness and ten years of writers block have lowered his profile, almost to the point of obscurity. When Heather Wolfe, an ambitious literature major, asks to interview him for her theses on his work, her interest forces hims to address the issues that have been he has avoided all these years, and stirs in him feelings he has long forgotten, much to his daughter's consternation


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