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Movie Title : Once
Release Date : May 18, 2007 Wide
Genre Movie :Musical & Performing Arts,Drama
Mpaa Rating : R

Actors :Glen Hansard,Markéta Irglová,Hugh Walsh,Gerard Hendrick,Alastair Foley,Geoff Minogue,Bill Hodnett,Danuse Ktrestova,Darren Healy,Mal Whyte,Marcella Plunkett,Niall Cleary,Witold Owski,Krzysztos Tlotka,Tomek Glowacki,Attila Kouvacs,Sean Millar,Pat McGrath,Praghosa,Kate Haugh

A Dublin-based busker and vacuum-cleaner repairman enters into a fruitful relationship with a piano playing florist in a toe-tapping "video album" directed by John Carney and featuring a cast comprised entirely of professional musicians. He (Glen Hansard of the Frames) was a six-stringed street musician. She (Markéta Irglová) was a flower woman who couldn't afford to purchase a piano of her own. One day, after admiring the musician's songs and asking if he would take a look at her broken vacuum, the flower-pushing piano player discovers that she shares a remarkable sonic rapport with the mechanically savvy guitarist. As their musical sensibilities quickly converge to striking effect, the talented pair soon determines to record an album together. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
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New Review For Movie Once

So this is how you make a low-budget musical these days!
Bob Mondello-NPR.org

In an era when Hollywood has largely lost the ability to distinguish between romance and sex, Once is the rare film that recognizes that love is no less love for being held in check, it is merely a different kind of love.
Christopher Orr-The New Republic

Once doesn't plop its emotions on its characters' sleeves, and it trusts us enough to leave some of the best stuff unstated. In other words, it trusts us to know that half the music lies between the notes.
Mark Bourne-Film.com

Forget everything you think you know about the movie musical, one of the more predictable genres. With Once, writer-director John Carney deconstructs it and reinvents it as something wholly new, inspired and alive.
Christy Lemire-Associated Press

This lovely tale of a love affair between a Dublin street musician and a flower girl will leave you wistful for more. It's a movie to fall in love with and a movie to fall in love during. It is the most naturalistic musical ever.
Roger Moore-Orlando Sentinel

Don't miss Once. It has to be seen and heard to be believed and enjoyed.
Andrew Sarris-New York Observer

At once delicate and gritty, wistful and deeply satisfying.
Steven D. Greydanus-Decent Films Guide

There is much to admire about Once, in a little-movie-that-could kind of way, but it can't help but get in its own way just when it begins to gain some momentum
David Medsker-Bullz-Eye.com

my biggest road block was the fact that I didn't like the music
Kevin Carr-7M Pictures

It has its own peculiar naturalism, a kind of lo-fi, lovelorn charm.
Jonathan Kiefer-Sacramento News & Review

Um filme mágico que, através de sua narrativa enganosamente simples, alcança uma vitória que escapa à maioria das obras do gênero, retratando com sentimento o instante preciso no qual dois seres humanos se descobrem apaixonados um pelo outro.
Pablo Villaca-Cinema em Cena

Once is the anti-blockbuster that couldn't have come at a better time.
Brandon Fibbs-Colorado Springs Gazette

a tender little ultralow budget movie about the intimate connection of making music...the warm folkiness of the songs and their generally non-narrative-pushing content make it feel more like a long, lovely home movie of a short portion of two people's liv
Karina Montgomery-Cinerina

Un effort battant la mesure d'une manière somme toute imparfaite, mais néanmoins prenante, qu'un genre aussi excessif que le film musical a besoin de temps à autre...
Jean-François Vandeuren-Panorama

A moving story about two people who share a common love of music.
Wesley Lovell-Cinema Sight

mia idiaiteri kinimatografiki empeiria, esto kai san kolaz, apo mia seira binteoklip me toys idioys, agapimenoys soy protagonistes
Joseph Proimakis-Movies for the Masses

With delicate care and a modest street musician attitude, Carney has reinvented what a movie musical can be.
David Cornelius-eFilmCritic.com

...an epic told in incomplete lyric lines, a classic fable forged out of slowly strummed guitar, lilting piano, and strained, struggling voices.
Bill Gibron-PopMatters

Though the trailer for Once might pique your curiosity, you don't know the freight train of raw emotion that's about to blindside you.
Adam Fendelman-HollywoodChicago.com

Carney's Once is definitely not enough...thoroughly inspirational, lyrical, charming and cheeky...a winning spark that ignites the lovelorn imagination.
Frank Ochieng-TheWorldJournal.com

A minimalist musical which makes the most of the 'boy-meets-girl theme.
Kam Williams-NewsBlaze

It's probably one of the best musicals I've ever seen...
Felix Vasquez Jr.-Cinema Crazed

Captures the rare chemistry and unforced artistry of two people finding musical as well as personal harmony together and we are lucky enough to be there to watch it.
Bruce Bennett-Spectrum (St. George, Utah)

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The Guy is a Dublin guitarist/singer-songwriter who makes a living by fixing vacuum cleaners in his Dad's Hoover repair shop by day, and singing and playing for money on the Dublin streets by night. The Girl is a Czech who plays piano when she gets a chance, and does odd jobs by day and takes care of her mom and her daughter by night.


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