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Movie Title : The Savages
Release Date : Nov 28, 2007 Wide
Genre Movie :Drama,Comedy
Mpaa Rating : R

Actors :Laura Linney,Philip Seymour Hoffman,Philip Bosco,Peter Friedman,David Zayas,Gbenga Akinnagbe,Cara Seymour,Tonye Patano,Guy Boyd,Debra Monk,Rosemary Murphy,Hal Blankenship,Joan Jaffe,Laura Palmer,Salem Ludwig,Sandy Daley,Peter Frechette,Jennifer Lim,Kristine Nielsen,Christopher Durham

A pair of siblings are forced to set aside their discomfort with one another for the sake of their father in this low-key comedy drama from writer/director Tamara Jenkins. Wendy Savage (Laura Linney) is a struggling playwright living in New York City who works a day job to support herself and can't shake the feeling that she's failed as an artist. Wendy isn't especially happy about her love life either, gaining little self-esteem from her on-and-off affair with oversexed, married neighbor Larry (Peter Friedman). Wendy's anxieties about her writing career are intensified by the success of her brother, Jon (Philip Seymour Hoffman), who teaches theater history at a college in Buffalo, NY, and has published a number of books. While Jon's life seems fine on the surface, a case of writer's block has stalled work on his latest project, and he's deeply upset that his girlfriend is soon to leave the United States to return to her native Poland. Wendy and Jon don't get along and prefer not to see one another, but an unfortunate circumstance brings them together -- their father, Lenny Savage (Philip Bosco). Elderly Lenny has began showing signs of dementia, and shortly after he takes to smearing his feces on the walls of his Arizona home, his ailing long-term girlfriend suddenly dies. Wendy and Jon have little choice but to fly to Arizona and see what can be done for Lenny, but their long-simmering animosity makes it hard for them to deal with the realities of Lenny's condition. The Savages received its world premiere at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
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New Review For Movie The Savages

Linney and Hoffman are both terrific, and Jenkins's script is pointed and perceptive, but the film's arc is a little flat.
Christopher Orr-The New Republic

It's billed as a comedy. You may or may not find much to laugh at.
Jonathan F. Richards-Film.com

A goo-free comedy.
Joshua Rothkopf-Time Out New York

Powerful, painful and yet unerringly funny as it points out our emotional and physical vulnerabilities, this is a film that finds the humor in tragedy while keeping both omnipresent.
Tom Long-Detroit News

The Savages not only boasts Oscar-worthy performances from Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney as a self-absorbed brother and sister, its attention to detail makes it sweetly funny and genuine.
John Monaghan-Detroit Free Press

We could say that The Savages is a social-problem drama about senile dementia and nursing homes, but that's a little like saying The 400 Blows is about school truancy.
Kelly Vance-East Bay Express

One rummages vainly through tics in search of genuine emotion
Fernando F. Croce-CinePassion

The Savages is a labored labor of love about an estranged brother and sister, who have to deal with a frail and fractious father.
Tony Macklin-Fayetteville Free Weekly

Exploring ground laid out many times before, The Savages is at times frustrating and at times emotional film that could have used a re-write.
Wesley Lovell-Cinema Sight

Jenkins fans looking for the irreverent humor of Slums need not apply.
Heather Huntington-ReelzChannel.com

Having the talent of Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman isn't enough.
Jeff Bayer-The Scorecard Review

It could have been shortened a bit, I didn't think the material was enough for almost two hours, but if you enjoy dramedy's like SIDEWAYS, give it a try.
Austin Kennedy-Sin Magazine

Tamara Jenkins's film tackles the difficult subject of facing up to an ageing parent's mental and physical demise with overt sensitivity but no punches are spared.
Urban Cinefile Critics-Urban Cinefile

This film is immensely rewarding and in its own way exceptionally beautiful.
Margaret Pomeranz-At the Movies (Australia)

Oddly being marketed as a comedy by its distributor, The Savages is best approached as a drama with an intermittently light touch that's generally more of a curse than a boon.
Robert Davis-Paste Magazine

A wonderful black comedy that has gotten a tad lost in the recent sea of excellent indie pictures.
Richard Knight-Windy City Times

While writer-director Tamara Jenkins (Slums of Beverly Hills) lets things get a little mushy towards the end, the film brilliantly portrays a difficult family moment made even more complicated by her characters' overweening narcissism.
Alonso Duralde-MSNBC

The Savages proves there's a rich vein of humor to be mined from the darkest of themes.
Christian Toto-Washington Times

Hoffman and Linney bring a credible blend of ease and exasperation to the sibling relations, which show concern and competition in roughly equal measure. [DVD]
Peter Canavese-Groucho Reviews

There really doesn't seem to be much of a bright side about a brother and sister who are faced with putting their father in a nursing home, but Jenkins manages to mine humor and heart out of the bleak circumstances.
Matt Kelemen-Las Vegas CityLife

The Savages is the sort of film that, while ringing with laudable authenticity and an admirable lack of maudlin sentimentality, prefers wallowing in misery to reaching for transformation.
Brandon Fibbs-Colorado Springs Gazette

Call me hokey if you want. I just would have liked more heart in there somewhere. But the acting is superb and it's worth seeing just for that. By no means watch this over the holidays but pursue its scholarly merit on safe ground.
Karina Montgomery-Cinerina

Most of all about recovering, about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and plugging on. It also just happens to be, in its small, astutely observed, delicately bittersweet way, one of the best films of the year.
Brian Gibson-Vue Weekly (Edmonton, Canada)

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A sister and brother face the realities of familial responsibility as they begin to care for their ailing father.


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