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Movie Title : U2 3D
Release Date : Jan 1, 2007 Wide
Genre Movie :Musical & Performing Arts,Documentary
Mpaa Rating : G

Actors :U2,Bono,The Edge,Adam Clayton,Larry Mullen Jr.

Hollywood A-list director Mark Pellington (The Mothman Prophecies, Arlington Road) and newcomer Catherine Owens team up to break new cinematic ground by co-helming U2 3D -- the first three-dimensional concert film in movie history. The effort intercuts footage culled from several U2 shows on their 2005-2006 Vertigo tour in Mexico City and Buenos Aires, Argentina, with Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. performing before rapt audiences. The picture opens with several thematically light rock songs, such as "Beautiful Day" and "Vertigo," but soon segues into more politically conscious material at the hands of social-change advocate Bono and his bandmates, such as the numbers "Bullet the Blue Sky," "Love and Peace or Else," and "Sunday Bloody Sunday"; at one critical point, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is projected high above the audience. Pellington, Owens, and cinematographers Tom Krueger and Peter Anderson make frequent use of a roving camera and multi-layered 3-D effects; they also step away from the approach utilized in the band's previous concert film U2: Rattle and Hum by omitting interviews and focusing exclusively on concert footage. The full version of U2 3D runs 80 minutes; a 56-minute "preview" version ran out of competition at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi
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User Ranting Movie U2 3D : 4.4
User Percentage For U2 3D : 92 %
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Bono should refrain from ramming his preachy political meanderings down our throats and let the music do the talking. Even if some of that music becomes a little stultifying.
Derek Adams-Time Out

The 3-D visuals envelop you, majestically, and that effect fuses with the band's surround-sound rapture to create a full-scale sensory high. U2 3D makes you feel stoned on movies.
Owen Gleiberman-Entertainment Weekly

The 3-D element is unobtrusively handled, except when it perfectly re-creates the woman who's always perched on her boyfriend's shoulders in front of you at a concert...
J. R. Jones-Chicago Reader

The concert itself is spectacularly produced, with Jumbotrons providing backdrop and long, curving runways that allow Bono and other band members to move far out into the crowd.
Jack Mathews-New York Daily News

Having these enormous, almost disembodied figures endlessly cascading through space is more distracting than illuminating.
Joel Selvin-San Francisco Chronicle

While U2's performance here is tops, you don't feel the press of solidarity, the shared experience that lingers dully in the ears for hours. And you miss it.
Joshua Rothkopf-Time Out New York

U2 3D is an isle of style and sense in a sea of mediocrity.
Tony Macklin-Fayetteville Free Weekly

On the IMAX screen, these Irish rockers really rattle and hum.
Marjorie Baumgarten-Austin Chronicle

If you are a die hard U2 fan, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this! A very cool experience!
Austin Kennedy-Sin Magazine

By the time Bono turns to the camera, reaching out to his audience in a typically theatrical plea for peace, love and understanding, one half expects his outstretched hand to surge through the screen and seize one of your own.
Rossiter Drake-San Francisco Examiner

When Bono reaches into the camera and out of the screen, there are few cinematic moments more intimate.
Annlee Ellingson-Boxoffice Magazine

It is a band apart, both in terms of music and message.
Robert Roten-Laramie Movie Scope

Not better than the real thing, but close.
John Wirt-Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA)

U23D captures the band and the excitement of their live shows in a way that no other medium could. The combination of art and science, technology and emotion, separates U23D from being just a nifty 3D experiment and elevates it to a pop mast
Diva Velez-TheDivaReview.com

U2 3D is the perfect synergy of music, technology and magic.
Brandon Fibbs-BrandonFibbs.com

Represents what is far and away the most impressive use of 3-D I've ever seen.
Ken Hanke-Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC)

You, too, can be there.
Linda Cook-Quad City Times (Davenport, IA)

The rock mega-band U2 has made so many concert films that it's hard to get excited about this one.... But the film is a revelation, redefining 3D live-action moviemaking.
Rich Cline-Shadows on the Wall

U2 is a great band, but 3-D doesn't make them greater.
Duane Dudek-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Inadvertently, U2 3D mimics perfectly the empty, intimacy-free spectacle that is stadium rock.
David Gritten-Guardian [UK]

U2 just look like four conceited billionaires who are further up themselves than ever.
Peter Bradshaw-Guardian [UK]

It makes you want to climb on screen and give the big, eco-friendly lug a hug.
Neil Smith-Total Film

Ultimately, U2 3D will infuriate as many as it dazzles - attendance depends on how much Bono-me you can stomach or how grabbed you are by 3D cinema.
Rob Daniel-Sky Movies

If you already love U2 your conviction will be strengthened. If you hate them, it will confirm your worst fears. Either way, the 3D technology is fantastic.
Jon Fortgang-Film4

It's not for nothing that these guys are the world's finest live act.
Ian Nathan-Empire Magazine

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A 3-D presentation of U2's global "Vertigo" tour. Shot at seven different shows, this production employs the greatest number of 3-D cameras ever used for a single project.


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