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Movie Title : I For India
Release Date : Nov 14, 2007 Wide
Genre Movie :Documentary,Special Interest
Mpaa Rating : Unrated

Actors :Yash Pal Suri,Sheel Suri,Sandhya Suri,Vanita Suri,Neeraj Suri

In 1965, Yash Pal Suri left his native India with his wife, Sheel, to follow a career in medicine in Great Britain. Suri, who was very close to his family, bought a Super-8 movie camera so he could shoot film of his new surroundings and send them home, allowing his friends and relations to see how he was doing. Years later, Suri's amateur films have become the basis for a documentary by his daughter Sandhya Suri, which tells the story of her family as well as the often rocky road for Indian expatriates in the United Kingdom. As Yash and Sheel had three daughters and made a home in England, the growing number of Indian immigrants became a subject of great controversy with the rise of the extreme right-wing National Front in the 1970s. Fearing for the safety of their son and his family, Yash's parents began pressuring him to return to India, but his decision to abide by their wishes in 1982 creates a whole new set of problems for himself, his wife, and his children. I for India received its North American premiere at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
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User Ranting Movie I For India : 3.8
User Percentage For I For India : 82 %
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A surprisingly delicate, quietly emotional documentary look at the experiences of one Indian family that immigrated to England in the 1960s.
Mark Olsen-Los Angeles Times

Despite its rough-hewn technical aspects, "I for India" emerges as a moving portrait of cultural dislocation and the emotional complexities of family dynamics.
Frank Scheck-Hollywood Reporter

In I for India Sandhya Suri offers her family's immigrant experience as a springboard for questions of nationality and filial responsibility.
Jeannette Catsoulis-New York Times

November seems late enough to call this one of the richest documentaries of the year.
Aaron Hillis-Village Voice

Suri's film is a loving tribute to her family that never feels like an invasion of their privacy, and a potent, heartfelt meditation on time, home and identity.
Andrew O'Hehir-Salon.com

A lovely and thoughtful film.
Wally Hammond-Time Out

Sandhya Suri strikes humanist gold in her feature-filmmaking debut.
Aaron Hillis-L.A. Weekly

It's a tale that many immigrant families around the world could tell, but probably without as much documentation.
Michele Kenner-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The best home movies you'll see. Really.
Kent Turner-Film-Forward.com

It's a must-see for everyone, especially the Lou Dobbses and Tom Tancredos of the world.
Eric Monder-Film Journal International

I for India acts as a ravishing film-on-film commentary.
Rob Humanick-Slant Magazine

Intriguing, moving and relevant.
Derek Malcolm-This is London

A remarkable meditation on the agonies and enigmas of migration.
Sukhdev Sandhu-Daily Telegraph

Warm, watchable film-making.
Peter Bradshaw-Guardian [UK]

A picture of cultural displacement and Anglo-Indian rapprochement almost worthy of EM Forster.
Nigel Andrews-Financial Times

A fascinating, heartrending, beautifully compiled glimpse into one expatriate family's filmed self-portrait.
Leigh Singer-Film4

Perceptive and powerful.
Tom Dawson-Total Film

A deeply moving portrait of a family trying to retain their indigenous identity.
Patrick Peters-Empire Magazine

A rare and precious insight into the immigrant experience.
Stella Papamichael-BBC

Works beautifully both as an intensely personal family history and as an intriguing comment on today's global culture.
Rich Cline-Shadows on the Wall

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