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Movie Title : My Kid Could Paint That
Release Date : Oct 5, 2007 Wide
Genre Movie :Documentary,Musical & Performing Arts,Special Interest
Mpaa Rating : PG-13

Actors :Celeste Russi,Jonathan Crosby,Amir Bar-Lev,Mark Olmstead,Laura Olmstead,Marla Olmstead,Zane Olmstead,Anthony Brunelli,Stuart Simpson,Michael Kimmelman,Elizabeth Cohen,Ron Curtis Jr.,Jackie Wescott,Tara Sands

Most four-year-olds make paintings that hang on the refrigerator in their parents' kitchen, but by that age Marla Olmstead already had her first gallery show in Binghamton, NY. Born in 2000, Marla first picked up a paint brush when she was a year old, following the example of her father, an amateur painter, and soon the tyke was creating large canvases with unexpected skill and enthusiasm. Her father gave one of Marla's paintings to a friend who owned a coffee shop, and when a customer offered to buy the piece for 250 dollars, the pre-kindergartner began a career as a professional artist. Marla's work has been displayed around the United States and her paintings fetch as much as 25,000 dollars each, but some have questioned if Marla is following her own muse or taking instruction from her parents. Others have debated the validity of reviews comparing her work to Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock, and a few have asked if Marla's parents are the art world equivalent of stage mothers, pushing their child and exploiting her talents for their own benefit. Documentary filmmaker Amir Bar-Lev examines young artist, her work and the controversy behind it in his film My Kid Could Paint That, which was an official selection at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
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New York Times senior art critic Michael Kimmelman offers sharp insights when he mentions how Marla's painting reflects not just 'innocence' and what our psyches project into them, but also 'the cynicism of the art world.'
Mark Bourne-Film.com

My Kid Could Paint That is documentary gold, and you will have formed an opinion on the controversy by the time you leave the theater. You may not know art, but you'll know what you like.
Connie Ogle-Miami Herald

More than a standard child prodigy profile, My Kid Could Paint That turns into a priceless examination of modern art, celebrity and what it means to be a kid.
John Monaghan-Detroit Free Press

The self-reflexive narrative is particularly fascinating because Marla's story is so critical to selling her art; everyone involved, the filmmaker included, has a vested interest in proving it genuine or fake.
J. R. Jones-Chicago Reader

It's a thought-provoking look at the world of abstract art, the relationship between a reporter and his/her subject, and the nature of parenting, prodigies, and "objective" storytelling.
Steven Rea-Philadelphia Inquirer

Documentarian Amir Bar-Lev began making a film about whether Modern art is a scam and whether a 4-year-old painter from Binghampton, N.Y., might not be as good as Picasso. But Bar-Lev ended making a film instead about whether the 4-year-old is a scam.
Richard Nilsen-Arizona Republic

Questions of authenticity surrounding four year old Marla Olmstead's paintings occasion filmmaker Amir Bar-Lev's insightful investigation about media frenzy and public perception, and the very nature of nonfigurative art.
Jennifer Merin-About.com

One of art's richest rewards is its way of teaching us about our assumptions, doubts, and capacity for faith. ... My Kid Could Paint That gets people thinking and talking.
Jeffrey Overstreet-Looking Closer

Marla's story is a sobering illustration of the way children can be exploited by adults who should know better %u2013 journalists, filmmakers and especially their own parents.
Rossiter Drake-San Francisco Examiner

Like all good art, this raises difficult questions.
Anton Bitel-Eye for Film

Mais interessante do que a provável fraude envolvendo a encantadora Marla é a reveladora sombra que o documentário projeta sobre o universo da arte moderna.
Pablo Villaca-Cinema em Cena

...an awfully slight yet basically agreeable documentary...
David Nusair-Reel Film Reviews

The paintings become colourfully self-deluded distortions of a world where adults project themselves back into childhood, capitalizing on both the adult nostalgia for innocence and our fascination with children who seem somehow adult.
Brian Gibson-Vue Weekly (Edmonton, Canada)

A fascinating exploration of art, creativity, and family dynamics that takes an unexpected right hook.
Amy Nicholson-I.E. Weekly

Documentary filmmaker Amir Bar-Lev's "My Kid Could Paint That" is an impressive feat in that it revels in its own ambiguity while still giving us a very entertaining, ripped-from-the-headlines mystery story.
Rob Thomas-Capital Times (Madison, WI)

A compelling documentary that leaves you wondering if there is nothing sacred in this stinking world.
Neil Smith-BBC

... starts out as a meditation on the nature of art and the machinations of the marketplace ... curdles into an inconclusive and trivializing whodunit.
Philip Martin-Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

A highly engaging documentary that recounts a remarkable tale.
Will Lawrence-Empire Magazine

Hugely entertaining documentary that raises interesting questions about media exploitation, the value of art and even the subjective nature of truth within the documentary format.
Matthew Turner-ViewLondon

Raises compelling questions about artistic 'authenticity,' the 'meaning' of modern art, the voracious and double-edged demands of the news media, the exploitation of children and the nature of faith itself.
John Beifuss-Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)

Bar-Lev handles [the portrayal of the Marla hype machine] sensitively and with a minimum of contrivances. He examines his role, but avoids excessive self-reference.
Matt Kelemen-Las Vegas CityLife

The journey becomes as frustrating as it is engrossing for director Bar-Lev and even more so for the audience.
Michael Sragow-Baltimore Sun

A probing film not only about the subjective nature of art but also about the hypocrisy of the intelligentsia, the pervasiveness of modern media, and the sincerity of parents.
Matt Brunson-Creative Loafing

Bar-Lev exploits Marla as much as, if not more than, any other player in his movie.
Marjorie Baumgarten-Austin Chronicle

It's a rare glimpse into the truth about the world and the art that tries to say something about it.
Paul Kosidowski-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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