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Movie Title : Le fils de l'épicier (The Grocer's Son)
Release Date : Jun 6, 2008 Wide
Genre Movie :Art House & International,Drama
Mpaa Rating : Unrated

Actors :Nicolas Cazale,Clotilde Hesme,Daniel Duval,Jeanne Goupil,Stéphan Guérin-Tillié,Liliane Rovere,Paul Crauchet,Chad Chenouga,Benoit Giros,Ludmila Ruoso,Gilles Chabrier,Jean-Luc Boucherot,Gilberte Muguet

Quand Tu Descendras du Ciel director Eric Guirado follows up his feature filmmaking debut with this drama about a grocer's son who returns to the village where he was born in order to take over his father's business. Ten years ago, Antione (Nicolas Cazalé) left his family behind and moved to the big city. Now, after discovering that his father (Daniel Duval) has suffered a heart attack and that the family grocery store will soon be forced to shut down, Antoine heads back to the French mountain town at the behest of his brother François (Stéphan Guérin-Tillié). It seems that few folks save for his mother (Jeanne Goupil) are happy to see Antoine return, though the meandering 30-year-old has brought city friend Claire (Clotilde Hesme) along to keep him company during his stay in the country. Though it remains to be seen whether Antoine and Claire will ever become anything more than friends, the free-spirited sprite is more than happy to help out when it comes to making the rounds with the mobile store that services the local villages. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
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User Ranting Movie Le fils de l'épicier (The Grocer's Son) : 3.6
User Percentage For Le fils de l'épicier (The Grocer's Son) : 74 %
User Count Like for Le fils de l'épicier (The Grocer's Son) : 2,071

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It's a small, well-rounded movie that you'd be hard pressed to find fault with, achieving its modest goals with subtle aplomb while whipping up humour and empathy from Antoine's rapport with his doddery clientele.
David Jenkins-Time Out

For all of its sleepy charms and pretty shots of the countryside, the film doesn't serve up a lot of fresh insights, unless you count finding out what senior citizens buy from grocery vans in these little hamlets.
Monica Eng-Chicago Tribune

Eric Guirado's lovely French drama The Grocer's Son is about that moment in a young person's life when he realizes that he is, despite all efforts to the contrary, a grown-up.
Moira MacDonald-Seattle Times

A film that sticks close to its characters and plays fair with them throughout.
Mike Mayo-Washington Post

The Grocer's Son offers a nicely observed portrait of a man in search of himself, finding his purpose, and finding that, in fact, it is possible to go home again.
Steven Rea-Philadelphia Inquirer

The quiet, patient soulfulness of the film, which Guirado co-wrote with Florence Vignon, lingers.
Steven Winn-San Francisco Chronicle

Written and directed by a newcomer, Eric Guirado, this is a delightful coming-of-age film that quietly explores the hidden tensions in family life.
Cosmo Landesman-Times [UK]

The landscape with Mont Sainte-Victoire regularly in view is seductively beautiful.
Philip French-Observer [UK]

A warm-hearted tribute to a disappearing way of life, the unhurried Grocer's Son is a well acted film where the journey is more important than the final destination.
Tom Dawson-Film4

Writer/director Eric Guirado lets events unfold at their own relaxed pace, and has a feel for simmering family resentments, while the wonderful Clotilde Hesme is effortlessly charming in the role of the free-spirited best friend.
Tom Dawson-Total Film

A little predictable in places, but explores family relationships with pathos and perception.
David Parkinson-Empire Magazine

This is a slow-burning charmer of a film that rewards those prepared to settle into its easygoing pace.
Wendy Ide-Times [UK]

This is a sweet and engaging little film, and though it becomes more contrived and sugary as the story progresses, there is real charm.
Peter Bradshaw-Guardian [UK]

In its slow-moving, at times uncomfortable way, this is a heartwarming film.
Karl French-Financial Times

Unfolding amid the dappled sunshine and dusty roads of Provence, this is a film that lifts your spirits.
Allan Hunter-Daily Express

The Grocer's Son is best described as a feelgood film that doesn't underrate its audiences too much.
-This is London

Emotionally engaging, impressively directed and superbly written French drama with strong performances from Nicolas Cazale and Clotilde Hesme.
Matthew Turner-ViewLondon

How could a French audience not enjoy such a nostalgic look at a simpler and bucolic way of life?
Don Willmott-Filmcritic.com

Beautiful Provence, and its charming traditionalists, colorfully work their summer magic on a hunky wayward son with terrific appeal to ferment a sparkling romance.
Nora Lee Mandel-Film-Forward.com

It's not a great movie, but it is a beguiling one: a Gallic version of American films such as Doc Hollywood or Cars, in which a city-dweller opens up to life when he succumbs to the languid pace and the intense one-on-one relationships of the country.
Michael Sragow-Baltimore Sun

Anyone who takes a chance on this unpromising import will be richly rewarded.
William Arnold-Seattle Post-Intelligencer

If more Americans were OK with subtitles, The Grocer's Son would be the perfect Sunday-night TV movie.
Chris Hewitt (St. Paul)-St. Paul Pioneer Press

At a time when most other movies are boorishly brash, a film like this stands out precisely by being low key and modest.
Mark Demetrius-FILMINK (Australia)

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