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El Baño del Papa (The Pope's Toilet) Full Movie Free Streaming Online

Movie Title : El Baño del Papa (The Pope's Toilet)
Release Date : May 21, 2007 Wide
Genre Movie :Drama,Art House & International,Comedy
Mpaa Rating : Unrated

Actors :César Troncoso,Virginia Méndez,Mario Silva,José Arce,Virginia Ruíz,Henry De Leon,Rodrigo dos Santos,Nelson Lence,Alex Silva,Baltasar Burgos,Carlos Lerena,Aníbal Santos Núñez,Marcelo Ornes,Wally Abreo,Paula Larruina,Carlos Lissardy,Hugo Blandamuro,William Aceredo,Emilio Pica,Lindolfo Aeske

Uruguayan directors César Chalone and Enrique Fernández co-helm the nutty Spanish-language farce El Baño del Papa (The Pope's Toilet). The film unfolds in 1988, during Pope John Paul II's visit to Uruguay. While dozens of economically struggling locals devise plans to turn a buck from the arrival of the papal father -- such as baking cakes and wrapping chorizo sausages -- only one concocts a scheme to earn a fortune from defecation. Beto, a nickel-and-dime smuggler, reasons that all of those cakes and sausages will be digested rather quickly and that over 50,000 locals will soon be clamoring to use the porcelain bowl. Of course, toilets abound in South America, but Beto sets his public toilet apart by crowning it with an aura of prestige -- his will be the only Pope's Toilet in all of Uruguay, and residents, he is certain, will soon be clamoring to use it. Unfortunately, before he can set his scheme in motion, Beto must first locate the most appropriate toilet and make several risky trips across the Brazilian border and back to that end. Then, just as Beto is within arm's reach of success, someone thoughtlessly steals his beloved bicycle -- further hampering his mission. Regardless of the complications at hand, however, Beto's determination persists. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi
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User Ranting Movie El Baño del Papa (The Pope's Toilet) : 3.7
User Percentage For El Baño del Papa (The Pope's Toilet) : 77 %
User Count Like for El Baño del Papa (The Pope's Toilet) : 4,189

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The cast of pros and amateurs provides realistic performances, and co-director Charlone's lensing makes beautiful use of the rough landscape in a movie even the pope would enjoy.
V.A. Musetto-New York Post

Watch it now, and you'll be surprised how such a little movie can cut so deeply to the bone.
David Fear-Time Out New York

The Pope's Toilet cloaks religious critique in the scrappy tempo of irremediable poverty and irrepressible enterprise.
Jeannette Catsoulis-New York Times

The Pope's Toilet entertains, even while it illustrates how the impoverished can adjust their religious ideals out of desperation.
Aaron Hillis-Village Voice

The movie isn't as bad as I feared, but I can't give it much of an endorsement, either.
Walter V. Addiego-San Francisco Chronicle

The Pope's Toilet excels most in its expression of a particular time and place, which Charlone films with the kind of physical intensity and realism associated with recent Argentine cinema.
Robert Koehler-Variety

Despite the sensationalism of Holy Father's arrival, the subtext here is that there's a speck on the map whose poor are treated as well as a backed-up john.
Matthew Nestel-Boxoffice Magazine

A celebration of hope, humor and resilience among the humble and only secondarily a dig at media distortion and the disconnect between the Church and the poor.
Donald J. Levit-ReelTalk Movie Reviews

Although not the best imaginative movie title ever to grace a matinee sign, The Pope's Toilet resonates with a distinctive warmth and sense of reality and purpose.
Frank Ochieng-Movie Eye

Not as funny as the title would suggest.
Robert Roten-Laramie Movie Scope

This bittersweet parable has loads of charm but several graver issues are also raised.
David Parkinson-Empire Magazine

Charming and hilariously offbeat.
Rich Cline-Shadows on the Wall

It's charming in a proper way, entirely avoiding sentiment and can be counted one of the best films in town.
Derek Malcolm-This is London

Lots of bruised humour, quiet virtuosity - watch for the slow-motion montage of disaster - and doggy-eyed optimism.
Nigel Andrews-Financial Times

El Baño Del Papa (which translates as The Pope's Toilet) is an engaging and humane affair, never losing sight of its characters' material hardships.
Tom Dawson-Total Film

Worth spending a penny on, but not much more.
Rob Daniel-Sky Movies

Full of folksy humour but next to no urgency, it's a strangely exasperating slice of humdrum world cinema.
Tim Robey-Daily Telegraph

This is a heartfelt and deadpan portrait of the knife-edge poverty of people who are not so much greedy as desperate.
Cath Clarke-Guardian [UK]

Beto as a character is problematic - one minute hes a twinkly, moustachiod dreamer hoping for a better life; the next he's a macho bully who shoves his cowering wife around their shack. The film requires that we focus on the former and forgive the latter.
Wendy Ide-Times [UK]

You'll certainly be rooting for Beto and his brood by the time the Popemobile rolls into town.
Amber Wilkinson-Eye for Film

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