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Movie Title : King Corn
Release Date : Oct 12, 2007 Limited
Genre Movie :Documentary,Musical & Performing Arts,Special Interest
Mpaa Rating : Unrated

Actors :Ian Cheney,Curt Ellis,Stephen Macko,Chuck Pyatt,Ricardo Salvador,Dawn Cheney,Rich Johnson,Al Marth,Michael Pollan,Scott McGregor,Bob Bledsoe,Sue Jarrett,Dean Jarrett,Allen Trenkele,Loren Cordain,Audrae Erickson,Fray Mendez,Farida Khan,Sabita Moktan,Earl Butz

Two friends with one year to spare and a deep curiosity about the American food distribution system set out to grow an acre of corn and see what becomes of their crop in director Aaron Woolf's agriculturally themed documentary. Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis are best friends from college who have decided to move from the East Coast to the Midwest in hopes of getting a better idea where the food they consume on a daily basis actually comes from. Corn is America's most productive and subsidized grain. Upon relocating to Iowa, the pair seeks out the assistance of friends and neighbors in procuring the land, seeds, fertilizers, and herbicides needed to grow a one-acre bumper crop of this highly versatile commodity. As their maize is harvested and the sometimes-troubling realities of modern faming begin to emerge, the pair sets off on a mission to track the progress of their product and find out just how it is used to create a variety of different food products. What emerges is an informative and at times disturbing account of both the food Americans so readily consume without so much as a second thought, and the alarming state of the contemporary agricultural industry. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
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Simultaneously nostalgic and sinister, King Corn mixes full-blown Americana with fast-food follies in the Iowa heartland.
John Hartl-Seattle Times

A breezy diary from a pair of first-time farmers, as well as a wry rebuke to a nation devoted to eating cheaply but not necessarily well, King Corn makes its points without much finger-wagging.
Michael Phillips-Chicago Tribune

While there's no startling news here -- most people know that high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a staple in food processing and isn't particularly good for us -- this documentary neatly, and often humorously, summarizes a very unhealthy situation.
Walter V. Addiego-San Francisco Chronicle

King Corn is entertaining enough, but it's also a moral, crucially skeptical road trip down the food chain.
-Los Angeles Times

Deftly balances humor and insight.
Dennis Harvey-Variety

It should be required viewing before going into a supermarket, McDonald's or your very own refrigerator.
Ann Hornaday-Washington Post

We learn a few things from the two daffy guys about food, nutrition, agribusiness, and government support of the latter.
Kelly Vance-East Bay Express

Someone pass the Fritos!
Christopher Null-Filmcritic.com

There is an interesting story here. It's just that the movie doesn't tell it very well.
Chris Hewitt (St. Paul)-St. Paul Pioneer Press

Engaging and illuminating.
Meg Jones-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The film always teaches and entertains in equal, ample measure. It's a treat -- and it's good for you.
Shawn Levy-Oregonian

entertaining and even a little mischievous, it finds perverse outcomes, but no villains. It is informative, without creating partisanship, respectful without being patronizing, entertaining without being dumbed-down
Andrea Chase-Killer Movie Reviews

King Corn becomes an indispensable supplement to Spurlock's Super Size Me.
Jeffrey M. Anderson-Combustible Celluloid

Absorbing...it's a lot of science and perspective to cover, yet Woolf manages to keep King Corn focused and sedate.
Brian Orndorf-eFilmCritic.com

An entertaining look at the flagship of American empty calories, King Corn is a few bushels short of being the next Super-Size Me, but brings a legitimate message.
Ron Wilkinson-Monsters and Critics

Well, it's certainly one of the less blatantly compelling subjects on the non-fiction circuit, and the doc has a lower-octane approach than most, but King Corn is surprisingly absorbing and amusing viewing.
Gary Goldstein-Reel.com

Sometimes obvious, but at other times quite startling.
Eric Monder-Film Journal International

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