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Sputnik Mania (Sputnik) (The Fever of 57) Full Movie Free Streaming Online

Movie Title : Sputnik Mania (Sputnik) (The Fever of 57)
Release Date : Jun 1, 2007 Wide
Genre Movie :Documentary
Mpaa Rating : G

Actors :Robert Klein,Daniel Schorr,Liev Schreiber,Kirk Wolfinger,Lisa Wolfinger,Roald Sagdeev,Douglas Osheroff,Homer H. Hickam Jr.,Peter Thomas,Susan Eisenhower,Michael Nardelli,Richard Rhodes,Paul Dickson,Gene Banucci,Jay Barbee,Tom Fleming,Eileen Galloway,Scott Hubbard,Sergei Khrushchev,Llewellyn King

Fifty years after the Soviet Union made history by launching Sputnik into space, the reverberations of that historical event are still echoing around the world. Produced to coincide with the 50th anniversary of this defining moment in human history, this documentary from filmmaker David Hoffman draws on lost footage and informative interviews to detail the remarkable story surrounding the launch of Sputnik, as well as the incredible events that unfolded in America the following year. While American enthusiasm over this technological breakthrough was at first palpable, that excitement quickly turned to dread as politicians and the media pointed out that the same rocket used to propel Sputnik into space could have just as easily been outfitted with a nuclear warhead and used to launch a devastating war against the United States. The following year, tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States reached an all-time high, effectively propelling the Cold War into overdrive. With bomb shelters being built, nuclear testing lighting up the atmosphere every three days, and then-senator Lyndon B. Johnson comparing the launch of Sputnik to another Pearl Harbor, it's no wonder that folks began to get so fatalistic. In this film, Hoffman explores the tenuous first steps into the modern age, the positive and negative effects of those steps on international relations, and the staunch determination of Americans to always be the first and the best. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
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User Ranting Movie Sputnik Mania (Sputnik) (The Fever of 57) : 3.5
User Percentage For Sputnik Mania (Sputnik) (The Fever of 57) : 72 %
User Count Like for Sputnik Mania (Sputnik) (The Fever of 57) : 162

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Sputnik Mania plays, discreetly, like a negative love story between superpowers. Sure they moved on to other enemies, but they still haven't gotten over each other.
Wesley Morris-Boston Globe

Hoffman manages to keep the tone light -- even H-bomb paranoia gets a breezy treatment -- though most of his filmmaking choices range from banal to boneheaded.
David Fear-Time Out New York

For those too young to remember, Sputnik Mania documents the fear and anxiety that gripped the United States half a century ago when the Soviet Union launched the first satellite in October 1957.
Lou Lumenick-New York Post

The archival footage here is great, and the cosmos-conquering craziness will satisfy space-race nuts. But the small budget is obvious, so director David Hoffman couldn't go from the Earth to the moon on every detail.
Joe Neumaier-New York Daily News

David Hoffman's documentary Sputnik Mania is an account of that Soviet satellite's effect on the American consciousness.
Matt Zoller Seitz-New York Times

Clips from old television broadcasts make this space documentary entertaining.
Richard James Havis-Hollywood Reporter

The sharply edited film, which includes (happily) just a few talking heads but mostly exciting archival celluloid and campy stock is a love letter to Ike Eisenhower.
Harvey S. Karten-Compuserve

Director David Hoffman marshals his information into an absorbing story, adroitly narrated by Liev Schreiber, that captures the fears and the hopes of the dawn of the Space Age.
Sean Means-Salt Lake Tribune

The enlightening Sputnik Mania looks at the late '50s, a time that was dominated by Cold War hysteria.
Jeff Vice-Deseret News, Salt Lake City

[A] smart, wry look at the American enthusiasm for and then paranoia over the first manmade satellite to orbit Earth... [R]ings with a truth that still holds...
MaryAnn Johanson-Flick Filosopher

The reigning champion in the archival footage department features great Soviet footage of those days that (hopefully) will never be seen again---the days of the US-Soviet space race.
Ron Wilkinson-Monsters and Critics

Clear, comprehensible, polished and articulate, but lacking the gut-punch to raise this portrait of a world-changing event from the level of a museum piece.
Frank Lovece-Film Journal International

something unlike anything out there.
Matthew Nestel-Boxoffice Magazine

Avoids reveling in Cold War kitsch in favor of a serious look one of the most important -- and frightening -- moments in human history.
Ken Fox-TV Guide's Movie Guide

reminds us that there was a time in the past when world leaders had morality and values
Christopher Null-Filmcritic.com

Sputnik Mania is not riveting; but it is, first and last, informative.
Raphaela Weissman-New York Press

So obsessed with delivering a story about "mania" through overcooked narrative and aesthetic means that one ultimately feels as manipulated as enlightened.
Nick Schager-Slant Magazine

Refreshingly, 'Sputnik Mania' stands back and allows its tale to be told in memorable actuality footage backed with unobtrusive period music.
Donald J. Levit-ReelTalk Movie Reviews

...when it plays to our sense of selective memory and fills in the blanks on issues long forgotten, Sputnik Mania is masterful.
Bill Gibron-PopMatters

Filled with funny moments ... it perfectly and even-handedly captures the spirit of the time.
Steve Rhodes-Internet Reviews

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